Finiki View is located 2 km from the village of Arkasa, at Finiki. Finiki is a fishermen village with lots of fish houses, restaurants, and a mini market. Finiki has a picturesque bay, where little crafts can anchor.

    From Finiki village you can visit the following worth visiting places.

    • Paleokastro.
There are the remains of the castle in the        homonymous locality with a panoramic view towards        the Karpathian Sea.
    • The Frescos of Agia Photini.
 There are frescos in the homonymous church. You        can find though only the remains of the church        nowadays.
    • Agia Sophia.
There are frescos of the 8th century and the ancient        altar. The altar becomes a baptismal font when it is        overturned. There are also a lot of old small        churches.

    The nearest beaches from Finiki village is Kamarakia and Agios Georgios, but you can also visit the Agios Nikolaos, Trahanamos and Marmara (marbles) beaches in Arkasa. In Arkasa town you will find apart from lots of restaurants, mini markets, coffee bars, souvenir shops, and cocktail bars where you can enjoy your drinks during the evening and through the night.
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